Sonoff 4CH PRO R3 mart Home RF 433MHz Wifi Light Switch 4 Gang Inching Self-locking Interlock Wifi Switch Work With Alexa

  • 4CH Pro R3 are 4 gang WiFi switches. They support switching among 3 working modes: interlock/self-locking/inching mode,
  • This feature allows you to let your switch turn on for a few seconds and then goes off, which works like a pulse switch
  • hey integrates with a 433.92MHz RF receiver module, making them possible to be controlled by RF Remote.
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SONOFF 4CHR3 & 4CHPROR3 are both 4-gang Wi-Fi Smart Switches designed to give you the ability to integrate smart control into your existing home to enable a smart home. Each smart switch has 4 gangs that can be used to control lights and other home appliances at the same time in four areas of your home. There is a major difference between 4CHR3 and 4CHPROR3, which is 4CHPROR3 is designed with an additional function for RF control. The function is purposely adopted to make you turn on/off the device connected with 4CHPROR3 via the RM433 remote controller.

The new improvement on 4CHR3 and 4CHPROR3 compared with 4CHPR2 and 4CHPROR2 is for users to set these 3 working modes on eWeLink APP instead of the hardware itself, easier to operate. So you can enable self-locking mode to turn on/off 4 connected devices separately, interlock mode to turn on 1 connected device every time and turn off the rest of devices simultaneously and inching mode to turn on 1 connected device and then make it turn off automatically after a given time (0.5 – 3600s). For the device away from the switch, you can create a moveable space in virtue of a DIN rail to make them be connected. Simply activate devices through your voice when the switch works with Alexa and Google Home smart assistant.


  • SONOFF 4CHR3 or SONOFF 4CHPROR3 User Manual *1


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Dimensions 14,6 × 9,4 × 4,3 cm