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TBC Individual Membership
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Individual members of TBC are composed of individuals, Turkish or non-Turkish, working at a Turkish company or a company which makes business with Turkish companies. Individual members shall have one vote at meeting of the General Assembly. Besides benefiting general membership rights such as participation to TBC events, individual members are listed by name in Membership Directory with their contact information. Required Documents: Copies of Passport with a valid residence visa and Emirates ID Fees: AED 1,000 (+VAT) including AED 500 one-time registration fee and AED 500 annual membership fee. CANCELLATION POLICY: For the following years, all members shall receive a reminder for the payment of next year’s annual fee during the last month of financial year (December). The annual fee shall be paid during the first month of the financial year. Members who fail to pay their annual fees within that period shall receive a notice from TBC as a reminder. After reminder members who fail to pay shall be subjected to cancellation, at the discretion of the Administrative Board.
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